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I wrote this poem, yes in Valentines day, so guess what? is a love poem lol Anyways, yeah enjoy and ur opinion means a lot to me, so write up them answers ^-^

Loving you

Loving you had lift me to the skies,
Brighten my days,
Make me feel like the luckiest woman on earth,
For the first time words can’t describe how much I need you by my side,
Living without hearing your voice or kissing your lips is like hell to me.
At first you were just a stranger,
Another stranger asking for my number,
Asking for my body,
But baby, with your words, you stole the keys to my heart and opened my soul to love once more.
Yes at first I was unsure, I have been hurt, I thought I would never love again,
You are the reason I am in the land between dreams and reality,
I am in the land many call “love”
When your not by my side, my soul pleads for your memories
When I see others in the land of love I want to join,
But without you, my Romeo, that land is meaningless.
Yes you have said I’m your Juliet,
And I had never doubted, ever since, I am.
The difference in this tale, is that instead of death their is eternity,
Instead of hatred there is friendship,
Instead of hiding our love under the moon,
We show our love over the sun.
Losing you is my nightmare,
Staying together is my goal.
I know in love there is never guarantees,
So when I fall, I know baby you will be their to give me your hand to lift me up.
Before their was you, their was a scared girl,
a sad girl,
I was nothing but separated from reality.

Loving you has made me a confident woman,
Loving you had made me grow wings to fly,
Loving you has made me the luckiest women on earth,
Loving you has created the best out of me,
Loving you is no regret.

Now I sit beside my window waiting for your call,
Cause I know how I love you now,
I know moments with you are endless memories.
Don’t let me think I have lost you,
Dial my number like you do everyday,
Now is time for you to know the truth,
To know you’re my everything,
To know I am all yours.
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