toxicinhalation (toxicinhalation) wrote in teen_age_minds,

haven't done this lj thing in a while...

I don't even really know if anyone will read this, but I've been feeling low recently because I can't get this person out of my head. So I wrote this and it probably sucks but feedback is always appreciated. thanks.

The last time
I watched the rise and fall of your chest,
I Listened to the beat of your heart,
Synchronized with my own.
A moment of perfection,
Something you couldn't exactly rehearse
Was lost,
When you turned your back to me.
My insides began to melt,
Forming droplets of salt that scattered down my cheek,
Staining your pillow.
My heart began to race ahead
Of yours.
Watching the red numbers of your digital clock
Flash before me
I knew time would go on.
As much as I wanted it to stop.
And followed by the much needed embrace that
Never came.
Morning Arrived,
Something you can always rely on.
I waited in your bed,
While you searched for the keys.
I huddled myself under your covers,
A royal blue shield,
Protection from the cold to come.
As we left I held your hand,
Tighter than ever.
We walked through last nights snow
Icy cold,
Dirty with wear and lost footsteps
And you let me go.
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