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Until the final hour we are blind…

Until the final hour we are blind…

I’ve slowly been realising why we choose to remain blind until the final moment, to ignore all the warning signs! Through love we gain trust and faith, it’s kind of confusing most people will say that trust and faith are one and the same I define them differently though, Faith as a lesser form of trust, when you get into any new relationship you don’t immediately have complete trust in one another, this is built, so in the mean time you have faith, almost a pre-trust because everybody wants to believe that theirs will be the next great romance, an epic tale of love that conquered all through love an compromise, but sad truth is that 99% of these new relationships wont ever make it past the pre-trust stage, it has become somewhat a staging ground for the initial love dance where we test each other for weakness!

I'm getting away from my point as normal: it’s because of this, that when there are real problems that should be addressed in a mature and practical way we will close our eyes are push forward and past them blindly and blissfully, with out actually dealing with them and then in every point in the future you become to scared deal with the next problem in case the situation gets out of control and you lose everything! Having faith that the person we have chosen to open our heart and life to will not betray you and confide in you when the chips are down, until the final hour we are this blind, because it’s all we can do, if we don’t then what do we do? Because whatever, it certainly wont be love!

When the storm arrives, it’s a harsh reality, which no one enjoys! Tight chest pains followed by anxiety and serge’s of adrenaline! Have you ever suffered complete body paralysis accompanied with an adrenaline rush…? Well I have! Right in the centre of your chest is the location and everywhere is the destination, all of a sudden you become very a where of you heart and its constant beating, your breathing speeds and dry mouth joins in the fun and games, your heart-beat starts to feel like Thor’s hammer pounding on your chest, then comes memories and nostalgia and our old friend realisation decides to put in an appearance at the most perfect moment, just when you feel like your blood is alive with the energy of a thousand Vikings invading a coast-line all with blood lust in theirs hearts and hands! At this point fear will fly win and command the situation you are weak in the knees and vulnerable inside, similar to stage fright, or running down a never ending street naked with all of your peers watching and laughing at all of your insecurities on display and weighing you down! Right about now you start to understand why that bottle of vodka is looking so friendly!

Many people will spend their life in the limbo of the love dance enjoying the simple pleasures if you are one of the lucky ones who get past it and even for however a brief time feel something more than pre-trust and open up to the safe feeling that somebody else will be there to help and protect you, somebody much wiser, stronger and more intelligent than yourself, never let go, hope is fickle so may be trust and love, just as all things in life, nothing lasts if you aren’t willing to fight for it! Promise yourself in the heat of the moment when the odds are diminishing and things are looking bleak, you wont give up on it, and by it I mean hope and everything good we have! Be willing and strong in the face of adversity hold your head high and I will stand alongside you, we will charge into the unknown with out fear or question!

We can do it together…
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