sabrinaxwhoaaa (sabrinaxwhoaaa) wrote in teen_age_minds,

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I Hate You

I hate the sound of your voice,

I hate how I can’t get it out of my head,

I hate your lying eyes,

And I hate how far they’ve seen under my skin,

I hate your hands for touching me,

I hate where they have been,

I hate how easy I was for you to get to,

And I hate how much I wont be missed,

I hate how pathetic you made me feel,

I hate how niave I was from the first time,

I hate how much I wanted it to be real,

And I hate all the tears you made me cry,

I hate everything about you,

I hate myself for falling for this mess,

But above everything else,

I hate ever taking this risk

Like it? Love it? Let me know.

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