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teenage poems

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Real Friend [31 Aug 2011|09:21pm]

If I say I want you now,
would you run to me?
If I say I'll never write again,
would you stop me?
If I say I want your hug, your kiss,
would you hug me?
If I say I want to die,
would you stop me?
If I say I want to cry,
would you cry with me?

Are you really my friend?
Or did somebody sent you
to be a passing trend?

On the road to the stars,
I put my heart in your arms.

If I say I have problems,
would you help me?
If I say nobody understands me,
would you understand?
If I say no one wants to listen,
would you?
If I say I can't laugh anymore
what would you do?

Are you really my friend?
Or did somebody sent you
to be a passing trend?

On the road to the stars,
I put my heart into your arms.
pshyco world

Goodbye Friends [31 Aug 2011|09:21pm]

Is this my path, Christine?
Forever the last, Eugene, baby.
Reanimate me Catherine, oh,
give me your oxygen.
It's over Isaac, I'm dying here,
Goodbye my friends,
Farewell Diana and Chris.
I'm no longer breathing...

They took my past and played with it,
Say something Anastasia, talk to me Smith.
I'll let go all our fights, our screams,
everybody is gone it seems...
They erased my present and threw it away,
Don't run, stay with me Ray.
Hold my hand Jessica and Paul,
I'm flying away, they're taking my soul.
What about my future - I know how it's gonna be...
Gerda, honey, take me in your arms and carry me.
I'm senseless, tell me how the world smells.
Follow my intuition, breathe with me Kels.

Is it me who they desire?
C'mon friends, show them your fire.
Lets play our pop, rock, country and jazz,
Scream with me Luka, Victoria, Taz.
I'm strong, but I can't do it alone,
Help me, together we're hard as a stone.
pshyco world

Wire Connection [07 Dec 2009|09:50pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

I met you once upon a time

but you’re away a thousand miles

I thought it’ll be fine

but i can barely see your smile.


I can’t sleep thinking about your face

I reminisce our good old days

we were so happy together before

but you had to leave me ashore.


I don’t really know if you are mine

but we phone each other all the time

I spend time looking at your picture,

we date in Facebook and Twitter.


Technology became our hearts,

we try to go back to the start

when I was with you

don’t know if this is all true

because all of our affection

is but a wire connection.

Tell me your thoughts about it. :)
1 nodpshyco world

Summer Job [17 Jun 2008|11:27am]


Jack ran his fingers through his red-blond hair and studied the huge square of blacktop before him.  Shopping carts were scattered across the blistering hot asphalt, some tangled in and around metal cart corals and others taking up otherwise empty parking spaces.  He grimaced as he pulled a water bottle from the front pocket of his shorts and took a swig. 


“They don’t pay me enough for this,” Jack growled as he started on the nearest coral.


The sun was bearing down on the parking lot and the gleaming metal of the surrounding cars amplified the sweltering heat.  By the time he had the carts stacked Jack felt as though his shoulders and back were on fire, the pain of the heat combining with the ache of his straining muscles as he began to shove his stack towards the automatic doors.  Sweat plastered Jack’s shirt to his back, and his face reddened from more than just his hard labor when a convertible full of teenage girls nearly ran him over.  He could have sworn that they were laughing at him, laughing at how he has to slave away for minimum wage, how his pale skin had began to break out into a very blotchy and unattractive sun burn. 


The automatic doors opened almost too slow.  Jack cursed when the carts bashed into the door’s frame and gave the last cart in line a good shove so that the stack lined up properly with the other five million and two tangle pieces of metal on crappy casters that he would be chasing after later on. 


“Hey dude, how you liking your new job?”


Jack turned and spotted a friend of his taking a cart from the row beside him.  He stared at him for a moment, jealousy bubbling in his gut when he saw his friend’s life guard whistle dangling from his neck just above the YMCA logo on his shirt.


“It’s great!”

pshyco world

[30 May 2008|05:03pm]

If I never see your face again,
know that I treasured our meetings.
If our love dies and fades away,
know that we'll always be friends.
If tomorrow you're on my doorstep,
know that I've been waiting for you.
If I never hear your voice again,
know I'll never forget it.
If after all this you can still love me,
know I will love you too.
If you're hurt and sad,
know I'll be here to mend you.
If you're angry yet cannot hold it in,
know that I am here for you to yell at.
If you learn nothing from our love,
know this;
You made me rise
You made me fall.
You gave me hopes and dreams
yet crushed them all.
But my soul took wings
into an endless night,
and landed on your porch step
with hopes of life.
I love you, for all it's worth,
And I will be waiting for you, for whenever you chose to use me.
pshyco world

I Hate You [23 May 2008|11:21pm]

[ mood | discontent ]

I hate the sound of your voice,

I hate how I can’t get it out of my head,

I hate your lying eyes,

And I hate how far they’ve seen under my skin,

I hate your hands for touching me,

I hate where they have been,

I hate how easy I was for you to get to,

And I hate how much I wont be missed,

I hate how pathetic you made me feel,

I hate how niave I was from the first time,

I hate how much I wanted it to be real,

And I hate all the tears you made me cry,

I hate everything about you,

I hate myself for falling for this mess,

But above everything else,

I hate ever taking this risk

Like it? Love it? Let me know.

pshyco world

My Poems [03 Feb 2008|05:18pm]

I'm looking for some feedback on some poems: Dark Wolf; Football Crazy; Browniephobia; and an untitled poem. If you like those I might post some more.
pshyco world

poem [18 Aug 2007|05:16pm]

[ mood | rejuvenated ]

ok, so i havent been here for like almost 2 years now, lol. i dont know if this poem flows but it just poured out of me, and its about being young and irresisitible, and to certain degree looking in from a older persons perspective. i should have had let you interpret for yourself... but, whatever.

"Tantalizing Beauty"

shallow, vague
yet magnetic
dazzle, and puzzle me

its radiating magnetism
oblivious to its
tantalizing grandeur
bewitching innocence
ignorance of youth

oblivious to its
fragile, tender
yet magnificently
destructive force


oh the ignorance of beauty
the ignorance of youth

pshyco world

Until the final hour we are blind… [04 Sep 2006|03:07pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Until the final hour we are blind…

I’ve slowly been realising why we choose to remain blind until the final moment, to ignore all the warning signs! Through love we gain trust and faith, it’s kind of confusing most people will say that trust and faith are one and the same I define them differently though, Faith as a lesser form of trust, when you get into any new relationship you don’t immediately have complete trust in one another, this is built, so in the mean time you have faith, almost a pre-trust because everybody wants to believe that theirs will be the next great romance, an epic tale of love that conquered all through love an compromise, but sad truth is that 99% of these new relationships wont ever make it past the pre-trust stage, it has become somewhat a staging ground for the initial love dance where we test each other for weakness!

I'm getting away from my point as normal: it’s because of this, that when there are real problems that should be addressed in a mature and practical way we will close our eyes are push forward and past them blindly and blissfully, with out actually dealing with them and then in every point in the future you become to scared deal with the next problem in case the situation gets out of control and you lose everything! Having faith that the person we have chosen to open our heart and life to will not betray you and confide in you when the chips are down, until the final hour we are this blind, because it’s all we can do, if we don’t then what do we do? Because whatever, it certainly wont be love!

When the storm arrives, it’s a harsh reality, which no one enjoys! Tight chest pains followed by anxiety and serge’s of adrenaline! Have you ever suffered complete body paralysis accompanied with an adrenaline rush…? Well I have! Right in the centre of your chest is the location and everywhere is the destination, all of a sudden you become very a where of you heart and its constant beating, your breathing speeds and dry mouth joins in the fun and games, your heart-beat starts to feel like Thor’s hammer pounding on your chest, then comes memories and nostalgia and our old friend realisation decides to put in an appearance at the most perfect moment, just when you feel like your blood is alive with the energy of a thousand Vikings invading a coast-line all with blood lust in theirs hearts and hands! At this point fear will fly win and command the situation you are weak in the knees and vulnerable inside, similar to stage fright, or running down a never ending street naked with all of your peers watching and laughing at all of your insecurities on display and weighing you down! Right about now you start to understand why that bottle of vodka is looking so friendly!

Many people will spend their life in the limbo of the love dance enjoying the simple pleasures if you are one of the lucky ones who get past it and even for however a brief time feel something more than pre-trust and open up to the safe feeling that somebody else will be there to help and protect you, somebody much wiser, stronger and more intelligent than yourself, never let go, hope is fickle so may be trust and love, just as all things in life, nothing lasts if you aren’t willing to fight for it! Promise yourself in the heat of the moment when the odds are diminishing and things are looking bleak, you wont give up on it, and by it I mean hope and everything good we have! Be willing and strong in the face of adversity hold your head high and I will stand alongside you, we will charge into the unknown with out fear or question!

We can do it together…

pshyco world

[25 Aug 2006|02:37am]

[ mood | moody ]

When she enters the room she’s got one thing on her mind, she’ll take everything she’s got nothing to prove and I wont stand in her way, she can have what she wants!

Hello I know I’m wasting your time, hello I know this tearing out my spine, and if this keeps up, I know its going to destroy my mind. Her lips glisten like the moonlight with one kiss I’ll swear I love her, I’m on my knees.

While we lye in each others arm, we’ll dream of something magic, but it’s destined to end tragic, it the story of all happy things.
And I go to sleep at night telling myself “everything is going to be alright”

pshyco world

[24 Aug 2006|11:55am]

[ mood | stressed ]

< ---------- start ---------- >
My favourite endeavour and I....
Will curse me forever, I’ll close my eyes and kiss you forever,
Lips of silence my favourite endeavour, falling into the oceans of virtue!

I know I’m not the same guy I pretend to be, I’m infected, I’m contagious!
I’m jaded, serrated, now the devil's here, and now he's inside of me.
At the sky I stare, my hands in the air, wish and believe.
Can I really think; that these pray will keep me safe?

So humble and brave you walk to the door, expecting my face you forget who you are, your charming grace keeps me coming back for more, your eternal embrace leaves me no other choice

take a look take a long hard look,
at what I’ve done with this place, misery drapes the walls,
the whiskey runs dry as it flows through my vanes,
to rinse away the painful things that I say,

time goes by crimson butterflies
fluttering on the inside
they break me down every time
they break me down

one more kiss, one more night, one more long goodbye, your pretty face, your painted nails, the darkest night, death prevails

Don’t cry, please don’t don't cry,
this is no a lie; it’s your lullaby.

one more kiss one more night one more long goodbye, your pretty face your painted nails, the darkest night death prevails!
< ---------- end ---------- >

pshyco world

[01 Jul 2006|11:01am]

Okay, i ain't no songwriter expert but this idea came to me really late at night. It's sort of punk, actually its really punk. The beginning starts with a catchy innocent melody and then it starts building up in the bridge, and then the chorus is fast-paced and screaming at the end. First time i do this so i don't know. Any comments ould be appreciated, and i'm actually not sure what to do at the end, and i am still working at the riff and guitar parts..

"Fucked It Up"

Verse 1
There was this girl, i really liked.
We became friends, it was all right.
And then things got, a whole lot better,
There was nothing that couldn't keep us together.

But all this succes
got me to wonder
If any of this, was remotely real?
Started to avoid her, for no apparent reason at aaaaalllllllll

I ruined it, I fucked it up,
There was something going on,
But I fucked it up,
Something special was growing,
But i fucked it up,
Wish I hadn't changed a thing,
Still, I fucked it up. 2X

[Verse 2]
Tel me what made me act this way,
I don't even know what to say, to you.
Except i wasn't man enough to keep you in MY HAAAAANDDSSSS!


[Chorus] 2X
pshyco world

haven't done this lj thing in a while... [21 May 2006|07:05pm]

I don't even really know if anyone will read this, but I've been feeling low recently because I can't get this person out of my head. So I wrote this and it probably sucks but feedback is always appreciated. thanks.

The last time
I watched the rise and fall of your chest,
I Listened to the beat of your heart,
Synchronized with my own.
A moment of perfection,
Something you couldn't exactly rehearse
Was lost,
When you turned your back to me.
My insides began to melt,
Forming droplets of salt that scattered down my cheek,
Staining your pillow.
My heart began to race ahead
Of yours.
Watching the red numbers of your digital clock
Flash before me
I knew time would go on.
As much as I wanted it to stop.
And followed by the much needed embrace that
Never came.
Morning Arrived,
Something you can always rely on.
I waited in your bed,
While you searched for the keys.
I huddled myself under your covers,
A royal blue shield,
Protection from the cold to come.
As we left I held your hand,
Tighter than ever.
We walked through last nights snow
Icy cold,
Dirty with wear and lost footsteps
And you let me go.
pshyco world

Brain Stew [16 May 2006|11:51am]

The topic here is similar to this song i like, and it also has the title.I was prety lazy when i wrote this, so i don't expect much...

Brain Stew

My minds is empty
my body's numb
My soul is lazy
I'm like a bum

Time runs so slow
It's so depressing
TV tunred to sjit
And my dick is resting

There is no world
There are no problems
All i can think of
My mind is empty

Death don't exist
Life is ignored
Love is fucked up
All i can think of
My mind is empty

I have no worries
And no interests
Fuck the president
And his big intellect
I'm like a bum
My mind is empty

All I can think of
It's so deppressing
Time runs so slow
And my dick is resting

On top of all
All this was destined
Perhaps, or not,
to be that way.
pshyco world

[06 Apr 2006|11:53am]

I wrote this last night, it's supposed to be like a song, slow. I'm not done yet, but here it is. ANd i wrote "our selves" on purpose, you'll get the idea.

Faceless objects roll by my window,
The only face i see, is yours.
The world seemed to revolve around you,
for a moment,
I felt closer to you.

The nice silent moments,
I'll remember the best.
Just me and you, thinking amongst our selves'.
Were you thinking of me too?

The world is whizzing by,
And all i see is a blur.
But when, i look in your eyes,
Don't miss the blurry things at all.
pshyco world

better lover than I am a friend..... [27 Mar 2006|12:53am]

[ mood | calm ]

No more vague half witted analogy’s proclaiming un-dying love
and so on etc.

No more double meanings, no more dancing in yours words,
whilst waiting for you to play that sweet jazz across my
skin with those soft scented kisses you tease me with!

If you only want to be friends then friends you shall have!
But I warn you I am a better lover than I am a friend!

So eyes ahead, 20/20 and make your choice 50/50!
The balls in your court!
Stand by that decision, I’ll stand by mine!
We might just make it through this!

If you want to play games then I’ll play too,
fare warning, I’m better than you!

pshyco world

some solace I suppose..... [15 Feb 2006|01:40pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

some solace I suppose.....
It’s an odd feeling really, sort of starts at the bottom, right in the pit of your stomach, then builds and hits you right when you least expect it, it gets stronger until your heart feels like its about to burst out of your chest!

She’s lying next to me right now, and I feel like crying, because all I can do will never be enough.

Friendship is all I can hope for, friendship the word that rings loud in my ears each and every morning when I wake up and see her picture next to my bed.

Hope is another word, this word is more powerful; it has the ability to destroy men and destroy lives, to live in hope, blind hope is a dangerous thing, going through life with no certainties no idea of what will come next and no idea of weather the person you worship to the point where it makes you bleed will ever love you in the same way you do her, but what else can you do?
Give up on hope? That’s a risky prospect!

You know, I am not sure I would even use the word love, am beginning to think that it’s a fallacy, the single most fucked up four letter word in the English language, apart from maybe hope, but this word ‘love’ is able to create so many emotions, from hate, fear, passion, lust, and a whole catalogue of others, it provokes memories which will make us cry and images that will make us smile.
I am fast starting to believe that love is a concept dreamt up by lonely people to give them hope, hope that they will not spend their lives alone, that one day their brave prince charming will too come riding in on his valiant steed to take them away from their turmoil.

I am not saying lets abolish the idea of love because that would simply be stupid not to mention impractical, too remove a word from existence just because it makes you feel sad, not the best idea, am just saying that maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to fall in love, to the point where we become dependant, so hopelessly ridiculously dependant on another person for happiness, that when they are no longer there to be by your side you don’t know what to do?

I myself prefer not to call it love, I don’t like that word, its an ugly word, I think I would call it ‘Geronimo’ yes that’s it, from this day forth I will no longer call love by that over-used four letter word, from this forth I will call it ‘Geronimo’, but wait “what does Geronimo mean” I can hear you cry?
Well I will tell you friends, I just like the rest of you out there have been in that state of perpetual loneliness, dependant on another, then lost that person, being so crazy about a person that you would do anything for them, you would jump off the tallest building and all you would scream on the way down is “Geronimo”

Now, I have to try and close my eyes knowing that when I do I will see her there waiting for me, in the only place she still keep me company my dreams, some solace I suppose, this time is different to all the previous this time I will open my eyes and she will be there unknowingly tormenting me.
I have come to dislike going to sleep each night, her being the last thing that goes through my head and the first thing when I wake up, is not the best though, it has a habit of setting my mood for the rest of the day.

pshyco world

HAPPY VALENTINES!!!! [14 Feb 2006|08:08pm]
[ mood | loved ]

I wrote this poem, yes in Valentines day, so guess what? is a love poem lol Anyways, yeah enjoy and ur opinion means a lot to me, so write up them answers ^-^

Loving you

Loving you had lift me to the skies,
Brighten my days,
Make me feel like the luckiest woman on earth,
For the first time words can’t describe how much I need you by my side,
Living without hearing your voice or kissing your lips is like hell to me.
At first you were just a stranger,
Another stranger asking for my number,
Asking for my body,
But baby, with your words, you stole the keys to my heart and opened my soul to love once more.
Yes at first I was unsure, I have been hurt, I thought I would never love again,
You are the reason I am in the land between dreams and reality,
I am in the land many call “love”
When your not by my side, my soul pleads for your memories
When I see others in the land of love I want to join,
But without you, my Romeo, that land is meaningless.
Yes you have said I’m your Juliet,
And I had never doubted, ever since, I am.
The difference in this tale, is that instead of death their is eternity,
Instead of hatred there is friendship,
Instead of hiding our love under the moon,
We show our love over the sun.
Losing you is my nightmare,
Staying together is my goal.
I know in love there is never guarantees,
So when I fall, I know baby you will be their to give me your hand to lift me up.
Before their was you, their was a scared girl,
a sad girl,
I was nothing but separated from reality.

Loving you has made me a confident woman,
Loving you had made me grow wings to fly,
Loving you has made me the luckiest women on earth,
Loving you has created the best out of me,
Loving you is no regret.

Now I sit beside my window waiting for your call,
Cause I know how I love you now,
I know moments with you are endless memories.
Don’t let me think I have lost you,
Dial my number like you do everyday,
Now is time for you to know the truth,
To know you’re my everything,
To know I am all yours.

2 nodpshyco world

I'm back [23 Jan 2006|12:19pm]

I wrote this during an english class writing time thought i'd put something here...


The queen of all emotions,
the one that causes pain.
Oh,love, what a commotion,
It's glued into my brain.

For love, there is death,
For love there are figts,
For love i'm short-breated,
Oh, love what a delight.

Love is the light,
Love is the truth,
Love is the pain,
Love is the way they say.

Swim into ocean of love,
hidden at the bottom of the sea.
It is there for all to search,
It is there for all to see.
When you feel sad, or alone,
Just remember, love is always with you,
It will never be gone.
3 nodpshyco world

Again I go un-noticed… [12 Dec 2005|12:21am]

[ mood | angry ]

Again I go un-noticed…

“I don’t want you to have to go through this on your own, let me be there please?”

Like I said “love shows itself in many shapes and forms” sometimes when it appears, you don’t even notice it! This is the worst kind of love, it all happens so quickly you don’t get the chance to compose yourself and you are expected to make decisions is a heart-beat, and you do, but when the after effects of your mistake have passed and the dust settles, it hits you, like a speeding train, realisation! It’s a nightmare, its unpredictable and so hard to handle it’s uncompromising, relenting and never shows mercy but most of all it just hurts; it reminds you repeatedly how stupid you are, and that you made the wrong decision, but you know what the worst bit about realisation is? Apart from letting you know what you’ve lost, it constantly reminds you that you’ll never have it back! Do keep in mind though, that you can stay friends!

Friendship, its one of the tools that realisation uses to aid it’s war that it’s waged against you, just one of the tools in its colossal arsenal, another being redemption, this ‘redemption’ is the holy grail, everything you want right in front of you, dangling on a string, realisation plays this card so well, it will keep you at a distance, a safe distance, so it can stay in control, but once every so often you’ll raise your hopes, and believe its within your grasp, and in this instance the whole world seems to disappear and fade out, just you and all your hopes and dreams stood in the haze of utopia, it never last’s though, it always crumbles around you, and all of this happens in what seems like forever, when in actuality its just a heart-beat, one single breath and your world falls apart, listen closely, I mean block out all the noise and pay attention, you will almost be able to hear it, the sound of realisation laughing at you in the distance, with a vindictive little snigger on its bitter little face!

Another tool in this well skilled and accomplished arsenal that realisation has developed for itself, is ‘self-diagnosis’ it uses this to help build the pretence that things are going to get better, something I’m the king of, I suppose this where my fear of counsellors and all other psychologists comes from, I am a firm believer that all they do is aid realisation, and their argument for this is that “realisation is the key to helping yourself” the last thing I need to do is have somebody else sit and preach to me about what is wrong with me, I can tell you that, and then to top it off they have the bloody audacity to put a label on me,
“I believe that your suffering form an adjustment disorder Anthony” an adjustment disorder, a fucking adjustment disorder, are you kidding me? I am the most well adjusted person you can ever hope to meet, all be it adjusted to this routine mundane life, but never the less very adjusted thank you, so you know what you can do with your disorder? I am more than capable of telling you what is wrong with me; I mean take this book, think about it; nothing more than a glorified list of what I believe is wrong with me and my life, and life in general!

The problem is this, for all your self-diagnosis, at the end of the day its redundant, you will never have the spirit to actually do anything about it, a cure to every one of your problems might lay in front of you, but its valour that you’ll be lacking in the final moment, and you have realisation to thank for that, by this point its laboured hard to turn you into the cowardly wreck you see in the mirror each morning.

Just an idea…

4 nodpshyco world

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