troubledsoul389 (troubledsoul389) wrote in teen_age_minds,

I'm back

I wrote this during an english class writing time thought i'd put something here...


The queen of all emotions,
the one that causes pain.
Oh,love, what a commotion,
It's glued into my brain.

For love, there is death,
For love there are figts,
For love i'm short-breated,
Oh, love what a delight.

Love is the light,
Love is the truth,
Love is the pain,
Love is the way they say.

Swim into ocean of love,
hidden at the bottom of the sea.
It is there for all to search,
It is there for all to see.
When you feel sad, or alone,
Just remember, love is always with you,
It will never be gone.
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I really like this, well done.

"For love i'm short-breated"
I love that, its pretty.
Thanks. u do know i meant short-breathed, right. I just like the firs verse the best...
yer I know you meant short-breathed it's just that i copied and pasted, am lazy

the first verse is pretty