Ivan Eliot (salvameelito) wrote in teen_age_minds,
Ivan Eliot

Goodbye Friends

Is this my path, Christine?
Forever the last, Eugene, baby.
Reanimate me Catherine, oh,
give me your oxygen.
It's over Isaac, I'm dying here,
Goodbye my friends,
Farewell Diana and Chris.
I'm no longer breathing...

They took my past and played with it,
Say something Anastasia, talk to me Smith.
I'll let go all our fights, our screams,
everybody is gone it seems...
They erased my present and threw it away,
Don't run, stay with me Ray.
Hold my hand Jessica and Paul,
I'm flying away, they're taking my soul.
What about my future - I know how it's gonna be...
Gerda, honey, take me in your arms and carry me.
I'm senseless, tell me how the world smells.
Follow my intuition, breathe with me Kels.

Is it me who they desire?
C'mon friends, show them your fire.
Lets play our pop, rock, country and jazz,
Scream with me Luka, Victoria, Taz.
I'm strong, but I can't do it alone,
Help me, together we're hard as a stone.
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